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A serendipotous conversation over dinner kick-started my addiction to art workshops.

It began with oil; my gateway drug to artistic freedom. Shortly after moving to Western New York, Tom Annear invited me to a plein air painting workshop. I was thrilled to meet new people, visit new scenic places, but oils? Not a medium I had explored. I was so rusty. But after a series of painting sessions I discovered oil connected my past to my future. I was hooked.

More workshops followed: Some familiar subjects, like printmaking and drawing, others new to me like black-out poetry and encaustic. A recent drawing & watercolor workshop at the Audubon Community Nature Center recapped the basics and provided some truly a-ha moments. At the Roger Tory Peterson Institute I've learned from visiting artists who have explained unique techniques used to create their work.

In some cases, I simply hope to gain a better appreciation for the work and do not imagine adding the medium to my art practice. That was my intention when I took a workshop from Robin Brickman. She showed a small group of people at RTPI how to do cut paper illustrations. In a single morning I became inspired to explore an entirely new approach to art making.

I am grateful to these people who have generously shared their knowledge and helped me learn and grow artistically.

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