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Wendy Bale is an artist and environmentalist in Jamestown, NY. known for hand-cut paper sculptures and charcoal drawings of wildlife. Her inspirations are the local waterways and regions of Western New York and the flora and fauna found there.


After leaving behind her career as a creative director and designer for fashion catalogs, she rekindled her personal art career in 2019. Now, with the freedom of ample studio time and abundant inspiration, her full-time art career has flourished. 


“It is my goal to make connections with people through a mutual love of nature. Seeing someone light up at the sight of a favorite bird—or ask to learn more—is what it is all about for me.”


The recent exploration of paper-cutting media has sparked new ways to create her work. Often combined with charcoal, Wendy enjoys discovering novel approaches to telling a story with simple materials.


Two notable shows in collaboration with her furniture-designer husband, Bill Bale, have celebrated and explored important waterways in their lives. 

“Current”, hung at the Octagon Gallery in Westfield, NY in Spring of 2018 and “Riparian Zone”, an upcoming exhibition, is rescheduled for 2021 at the Crary Art Gallery in Warren, PA.


Gallery representation includes Painted Finch Gallery in Corry, PA, and Chautauqua Art Gallery in Lakewood, New York.  Wendy belongs to the Guild of American Paper Cutters and is a member of the North Shore Arts Alliance, Tri-County Arts Council, and International Online Art Collective. 

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