papercuts WORKS IN PROGRESS behind the scenes

The Nest 8 x 10 x 2"

The nest was an interesting project because I gained a lot of respect for the work birds do to make comfortable homes for their offspring. I imagine it took me way longer to build this paper nest than an expert bird could do.


I referred to a photo and crafted the branch and outer nest of Canson colorline paper. I used Kozo to make the soft center. The aluminum foil was used to mold the shape. The tiny flowers, embossed, then cut out, are those of a maple tree in our yard that blooms about nest-building time.


The trickiest part of the project was the egg, made like paper mache. I spent several nights trying to get it smooth. The final images show the completed piece being photographed in the frame through a hole in a piece of foam core to try to avoid reflections. Confirm availability here.

43 -he nest.jpg

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34-Pond Personalities.jpg .jpg
Pond Personalites 28 x 20 x 1"

One of the few pieces in my collection that have a landscape drawing done in Plein Air. My vision for this was a serene scene around our backyard pond—frogs croaking, birds singing, and puffy little clouds overhead. I set up my easel, got out my best charcoal, and set to work.


Partway through, storm clouds rolled in (see them on the left of the panorama shot) and chased me into the safety of the charcoal studio. I barely got the artwork under cover before the downpour.


The next day, I discovered my beautiful box of charcoal, and all my tools standing in water by the pond, forgotten. Oops! All dried out fine, and I went on to finish the piece in the studio, adding cut paper blooming arrowhead and some spring peepers, who are often found at water's edge.


The mixed media piece is mounted in a natural wood shadowbox. Confirm availability here.

Koshkonong Heron.jpg
Heron - Koshkonong Creek 
14 x 18 x 1"  

This mixed media piece was created when I was first exploring cut paper. I was excited to add the cut paper element to the charcoal work I was currently devoted to. While I admit the bird itself is more simplified than my current work, I love the melding of cut paper with charcoal through the continuation of the bird's legs into the water.


The model for this Great Blue Heron was actually a white morph of that species I photographed in its native habitat in the Florida Keys. I call the Blue Heron the Grandmother Bird, since my Gram considered them her totem. She always signed her watercolors with a little sketch of a flying heron next to her name.


This piece was pivotal in my career and remains a favorite.  This piece has been sold.