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It's officially Workshop season!

I have been working all summer on a series of nationally available Zoom workshops using Rock Paper. In collaboration with Rock Paper Store, we have developed some really fun projects to share with you. Please join us as we learn about this unique mineral-based paper. 

Rock Raven Online Workshop Series

Three workshops in Rock Paper where we'll make fun October-themed paper sculptures. Combine the elements to create your own unique artwork. Kits and Zoom link are available through RockPaper.Store.

SAVE! Purchase a bundle of all three kits to create the entire project!


Rock paper Flowers LIVE Oct. 10.10.23


Rock Paper Sugar Skulls LIVE 10.18.23


Rock Paper Raven LIVE 10.26.23

Marijane M.

I saw the YouTube video…and noticed two things: I, too, want to get my hands working as fast as I can and then listen while the teacher instructs…AND secondly, you have the most soothing voice while you teach…so nice.

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