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Wood Wide Web open through Feb 24

Previous exhibition: International Online Art Collective

Chain Reaction Premiere Exhibition

Highlights from our Jamestown premiere and a look at my work in the exhibit

Chain Reaction: a global collaboration

It all began with one idea, one work, one artist and over a two year period, our Chain Reaction created 100 works of art. Our 14-strong collective from around the world collaborated online allowing a sequential chain of works to be created, each directly inspired by the one before. I'm so proud to be part of this group!


Adelacreative, SPAIN; Barbara Pastorino, ITALY; Caroline Karp, USA; Cheryl Barill, USA; Christy de Witt, NETHERLANDS; Gerda Smith, SOUTH AFRICA; Greta Olivas, USA; Guillermo Bublik, USA; Inna Malostovker, USA; Karin McCombe Jones, NEW ZEALAND; Morrison Polkinghorne, AUSTRALIA; Ruth Christensen, UK; Susan Detroy, USA; Wendy Bale, USA.​


Online Exhibition

The 100-piece collaboration is on view in Jamestown NY through Dec. 30. I' thrilled it opened here in Jamestown first, but know not everyone is local.  View all the works and read the narratives on the IOAC website.

Community Art

The members of IOAC believe in "Art for All" and have put together a package of FREE community art programs to coincide with Chain Reaction. Find descriptions and links to them here:FREE COMMUNITY ART PROGRAMS

The Magazine

We have self-published a 54-page magazine to dive deeper into the making of Chain Reaction. All 100 works are included, plus the artist's bios, and featured works. Read select narratives to explain the more cryptic inspirations. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE All profits will be used to help  to fund shipping the artworks to the next location on our World Tour.

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