—Save the Date —

Saturday, December 4, 2021, 10 to 4 PM  
New art event at Roger Tory Peterson Institute 311 Curtis Street, Jamestown, NY

Holidays at the Lodge | North Shore Arts Alliance Art Fair

Roger Tory Peterson Institute will be hosting the North Shore Arts Alliance during "Holidays at the Lodge". My work, along with the work of select members of this Chautauqua County organization will be on display. A portion of the proceeds will go to RTPI and its mission to present art as "the lens through with to inform, inspire, and illuminate about the natural world." 

"It is this event, at this celebrated center for birders and nature-lovers, that inspired my new series, Little Birds."

Please come find your favorites —shop small, shop local!

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Read the Story of "Little Birds"
Little birds RTPI.png

“The work began long before I picked up a piece of charcoal. Reviewing thousands of bird images I’ve photographed over the years, I noticed an interesting thing. We get caught up in the feather’s beautiful hues. But, what if we took color out of the equation? Would you look past the robin’s red breast and notice his pinstriped throat?”

This is the question asked and answered by Wendy Bale’s most recent series, “Little Birds”. Zeroing in on the defining elements, from the grosbeak’s large bill to the intense stare of a hawk she pulls out the personality of her subjects.


Cropped tight to focus on these details—each 8x10” artwork is an original. The series of 33 are presented on gesso panels mounted to 3/4” New Zealand pine. The image area is highly textured and details are scratched into the dry and liquid charcoal. After a splash of metallic bronze acrylic, they’re sealed with an archival fixative for a dramatic, frameless presentation. Ready to hang as is, or framed as desired.


“I’ve always been drawn to black and white artwork. With this versatile medium, I both draw and paint, giving many different charcoal effects. This project has forced me to look closely —depicting the essence without relying on color to define the birds.”

“Little Birds” premiered internationally to the artist’s VIP list on November 19.  Following this “Early Bird” release, the series will be available at Roger Tory Peterson Institute’s “Holidays at the Lodge” Saturday, December 4, 10-4 pm.

—2022 events —

April 2022
Cut paper display at Ellington Farman Library 760 Thronton Rd, Ellington, NY
October 2022-January 2023
Duo Show with Sandhill Bill at Coppershop on the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, NY.

—recent past events —


Crary Art Gallery, Warren, Pennsylvania

July 2021

Sandhill Designs  river-themed furniture & Wendy Bale's charcoals & paper sculptures
Select remaining works available through Painted Finch Art Gallery in Corry, PA

2_Oak Creek table copy.jpg
Wary Wood Duck 1.jpg