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Turtle Scoop

Sunbathers, an etching of painted turtles I did many years ago

Not sure what it is about turtles, but you gotta love them! From colorful painted turtles to prehistoric-looking snappers, they are uniquely fascinating. Recently, I read this article about spiny softshell turtles, a species of special concern, here in Jamestown. I have been lucky to see a few softshell turtles lately, including a couple in Warren, PA in Conewango Creek and this one I photographed basking in the sun at Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie.

Turtle basking in the sun
Spiny Softshell Turtle

The Presque Isle trip, which I took this week with friends from Audubon Community Nature Center, also gave me some great views of Northern Map Turtles. I was surprised to learn the smaller turtles were the males which are much smaller, under a lb., than the females , which can get up to five pounds or more.

3 turtles basking in the sun at presque isle state park
Map Turtles at Presque Isle State Park

These turtle sightings have been inspiring and I hope to do a map turtle drawing in charcoal soon. In the meantime, I will share with you a turtle cut paper sculpture I sold recently at our CURRENT show. This piece, titled "Around the Pond" will eventually be heading "across the pond" to Europe after the show closes. So happy it is going to such a great home!

Around the Pond, Cut Paper SOLD

Hope you are all enjoying the outdoors and let me know what turtles you see on your summer adventures!

— Wendy

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