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Spore Print of a large horse mushroom found in my back yard under the spruce trees next to the neighbor’s horse pasture. The center looks almost like an explosion, and the traces of pill bugs exiting the mushroom like fireworks trails. At least that is what I see, you might see something else.  The spores have been sprayed with fixative, however they are not held fast to the paper and some dusting may occur.


SKU: 6510-SP
  • Specs

    Artwork: Hand made original, one of a kind

    Size: black mat, framed to 15x13 inches

    Medium: Paper, Mushroom spores

    Frame: Black wood



  • Shipping information

    Gallery pick-up only due to the fragility of the artwork. Handled with care, they will do fine hanging on the wall, but I do not recommend shipping them or jostling them around.

  • Return Policy

    Spore prints are by nature somewhat ephemeral. While I have prints I made a year ago that still look the same, I do not believe them to be archival. Returns accepted within 30 days.

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