This artwork is available through Chautauqua Art Gallery in Lakewood, NY. Please see it there or purchase it through the gallery website.


The Little Story

Like the iconic little black dress, this is a story celebrating the less-is-more theory. I love watching hummingbirds zipping around the flower gardens, their iridescent green feathers flashing in the sun. But as evening sets and the light gets low, they pose quietly in the bushes visible only in silhouette. When he finds his light, the fading sun will catch the glint under the chin of his magnificent ruby throat. I capture this moment in a formal, fashion-inspired paper called “”. Using real silk fibers and infused with metal, it has an iridescent finish. This on-trend Italian paper comes in eye-popping colors and my favorite chic black.


SKU: 6212-P
  • Title: Ruby Throat

    Subject: Hummingbird

    Size: 6 x 6 x 1 inches 

    Medium: Hand cut paper (Archival papers and adhesives)

    Frame: Natural wood shadowbox 

    Plexiglass for safe shipping

    Saw tooth hanger

  • Of course it is my hope you will be delighted with my artwork. If it doesn't meet your expectations, please contact me to arrange for a return and refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.