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When I first lifted the mushroom cap off the paper I was disappointed there wasn’t a clear spore print. Then I looked closer and saw an amazing effect. There appears to be an etching of amazing textures and marks left by the gills. This is an entirely natural effect. Suggesting a work of the old masters, this is an art form left entirely up to nature to create. I simply had the curiosity to give it a place to land and put it in a frame.  The spores have been sprayed with fixative, however, they are not held fast to the paper and some dusting may occur. Gallery Pick up Only.


SKU: 6512-P
  • Specs

    Artwork: Hand made original, one of a kind

    Size: Hand torn paper mat, framed to 14x14 inches

    Medium: Paper, Mushroom spores

    Frame: Black Metal



  • Shipping information

    Gallery pick-up only due to the fragility of the artwork. Handled with care, they will do fine hanging on the wall, but I do not recommend shipping them or jostling them around.

  • Return Policy

    Spore prints are by nature somewhat ephemeral. While I have prints I made a year ago that still look the same, I do not believe them to be archival. Returns accepted within 30 days.

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