The Little Story

I like odd facts. At times the weirder the better. There are many stories I could tell you about my little neighborhood falcons — personal experiences like getting to help band the nestlings at Audubon Community Nature Center (Cool!). And the day they invaded our yard and flew treetop to treetop filling the air with their shrill cries for hours on end. (What was that about?) But hands down, the best thing I’ve learned about kestrels is they can see ultraviolet and they use that skill to follow the urine trails of rodents they hunt. 

Read this next line outloud: Did you hear the one about the mouse that got away? (Depends).


SKU: 6210-P
  • Title: Kestrel

    Subject: American Kestrel

    Size: 12 x 12 x 1 inches 

    Medium: Hand cut paper (Archival papers and adhesives)

    Frame: Natural wood shadowbox 

    Plexiglass for safe shipping

    Wire hanger

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