The Little Story

Nature’s clean-up crew, the turkey vulture performs a necessary, often unappreciated task. Perhaps more attractive from a distance, they are a familiar sight rocking in the wind above our country neighborhood. Sometimes it gives me a start when I sense their ominous shadow swooping across the yard. My dad used to always shout, “Look alive!” to make me laugh when we saw them. I made this piece mostly of vellum and I love how it allowed me to draw in the details of the gnarly featherless head. 

Essential Worker

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  • Title: Essential Worker

    Subject: Turkey Vulture

    Size: 6 x 6 x 1 inches 

    Medium: Hand cut paper (Archival papers and adhesives)

    Frame: Natural wood shadowbox 

    Plexiglass for safe shipping

    Saw tooth hanger

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