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Jack-o-lantern mushrooms, one of several local species of bio-luminescent fungi light up the forest in this imaginary paper sculpture night scene.  Using nothing but archival papers, with a focus on many layers of kozo, the moon glow bathes the forest floor. When the lights go out, the real magic begins, as the undersides of the mushrooms and the night stars light up in glowing green, a result of the UV reactive pigments applied to the mushroom’s paper gills. 

Bio-luminescence no. 1

SKU: 6506-M
  • Specs

    Artwork: Hand-made original, one-of-a-kind

    Size:  24x30x2.5 inches

    Medium: Assorted archival papers, Lit pigment and acrylic medium

    Frame: Black (not wired to hang)



  • Shipping information

    Gallery pick-up only due to the fragility of the artwork. Handled with care, they will do fine hanging on the wall, but I do not recommend shipping them or jostling them around.

  • Return Policy

    Of course it is my hope you will be delighted with my artwork. If it doesn't meet your expectations, please contact me to arrange for a return and refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

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