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Who is a Dusky Raven artist?

The word's out about my new Dusky Raven project! I've been working on this idea all summer and this week I have finally taken the next step. It's not done yet, but I am at the phase where I need some input from other artists. Maybe that's you?

You know I have a fondness for weird, mysterious, and remarkable Mother Nature. I also LOVE helping other artists.

I know being an artist today has its challenges.

Particularly in these times, making art can be a lonely process, and sometimes we feel isolated. Perhaps you’ve set aside art-making for a while and are feeling a bit rusty. Or your confidence could use a boost and you’re afraid to be judged. Is your life in balance? Are you able to find as much time as you’d like for your art life?

I have a vision of working together to guide and inspire you. Our new community of supportive, encouraging artists from all over the world will create a relaxed and fun environment to thrive in.

I call it Dusky Raven —I chose the mysterious side of nature because I love it and I can guarantee it won’t be boring!

As a “lifelong learner” I’m seeing this as a way to build new art skills while exploring the atypical. Not just the art, but the science behind the subjects that fascinate us. We will draw upon experts in different media and adjacent fields to open us up to new ideas to inform and inspire our art.

I’ve discovered a way to help artists month after month on an ongoing basis. Working at our own pace (yes, I’ll be working along with you)! We’ll find clarity, direction, and balance. And did I mention FUN? Any art medium. Any style. Any stage of your art journey.

I’m planning on creating a professionally presented membership site that allows me to do this for you. I’ll be “soft” launching it this month and I cannot wait to get started!

I want to make this an absolutely incredible, look-forward-to-it experience for my members. I’ve been taking an online class that will help me do exactly that. I’ve already put a ton of time into this, my commitment is strong to help you boldly, unapologetically kick up your art life.

So if you’re an artist who enjoys the more intriguing side of nature who wants to find your artistic superpowers, I invite you to become a Dusky Raven Founding Member.

I’m opening up a limited number of lifetime spots into my membership for the Founding Member price of just $19/month.

This means that you’ll get to be a member for the life of the membership without ever paying the full monthly fee like everyone else. I expect the price to eventually be in the neighborhood of $25-30/month. This will help me offset some of the costs of the program, and you’ll get to play a part in helping make it happen.

But here’s the catch… I’m only offering this now, and I’ll never offer the Founding Member option for this membership again, AND all future members will have to pay the higher amount on an ongoing basis.

I have set a date for publicly opening the complete membership on November 1.

Between now and then, I will communicate with you on a weekly basis, asking for your input and offering updates and behind-the-scenes looks into the programming. You can get in on the ground floor, preview the core content, and pitch ideas for the monthly content.

Remember, this is not done and will not be fully available until November. That said, I have some killer ideas for October that are perfect for this Founding Member group! I will need your input on which of my ideas will make the cut and also how much monthly content will be comfortable. I don’t want to overwhelm people!

Reply now, because the first 12 Founding Members who join will also get a Dusky Raven Sketchbook as a BONUS. (I will cover Int’l shipping up to $15.)

So, if you’d like to join me in this, send me a private message or email me by Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 11:59 PM New York Time and I’ll send you details on how to make your payment.

I am thankful for your support, and I can’t wait to have you as a Founding Member in this journey with me!


Wendy Bale Art1st

Jamestown, New York

P.S. Does this sound perfect for someone you know? Feel free to share this post with an artist friend!

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