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Studio Dogs

Sandhill Bill and I share our lives with two silver standard poodles, Jack and Victor. They are retired agility dogs and these days jumping into the warm spot on the sofa or over fallen trees in the woods is what passes for agility.  We gave up agility when we moved to Western New York. I filled the void with a return to art. So, now they are studio dogs.

It's not all just about lying around while Bill and I create in our studios, there is other work for the Sandhill Studio Dogs:

Victor is a modeling pro...he held a stand/stay the entire time


Any good studio dog needs to model once in a while. Jack thinks it is pretty boring, but Victor is usually game.

Security Detail

Victor is also my "Plein Air Poodle" and patiently hangs with me while I paint outdoors. The company is great and I feel more secure in secluded locations with a big dog at my side.

Plein Air painting poodle
Victor has it made in the shade

Expedition leader

Jack's love of creek walks has brought us on many adventures. Read how he has influenced furniture design in Sandhill Bill's latest blog.

An excuse to get Jack some creek time has often lead to artistic inspiration for both of us. This is especially true with our latest project. We have spent the past year preparing for our art show, CURRENT, for the Octagon Gallery in Westfield, NY. The show focuses on waterways and features Bill's river-themed furniture and my drawings and cut paper sculpture. Actually tromping around in the water helped us better understand our subject.

poodle canadaway creek
Jack leads the way into Canadaway Creek

painting oil on canvas
Point Gratiot/Winter Beach 20 x16" oil on canvas $800

Treasure hunter

Both boys are good at finding interesting things worth further investigation when we are out and about. Stopping to look at —and smell— the  world around you can lead to wonderful discoveries. Victor brought to my attention the objects in this painting; the fish bone, walnut shell and feather. He thought they were interesting and I did, too.

Party Animal

Jack is turning 13 next week! His birthday gift is fresh, handmade Liver Lady treats shipped on ice from Wisconsin. One of his favorite rewards after an agility run, he hasn't had them in almost four years. Here's to you, Jack, Happy Birthday and you better share with Victor! 

#1 studio dog, Jack (don't call me senior, I'm a teenager) turns 13

This post is the third in a series leading up to "CURRENT", our art show at the Octagon. Furniture maker Sandhill Bill and I will be displaying our work together concentrating on a common theme: waterways. The Octagon Gallery is in the Patterson Library, 40 S. Portage Street, Westfield, NY. The exhibit opens with a reception on April 20th and runs through June 1. We would love to see you there!

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