papercuts SOLO show


Sneak peak (trailer) 

Pre-recorded Artist Talk

My solo show, papercuts debuted at Tri-County Arts Council's gallery in Olean, New York. I hope those in the area were able to see the work in person. For those unable to come, I have tried to replicate the gallery experience here. Would you like to see the show online? I've divided the 50-piece show into three bodies of work. Enter the Viewing Rooms below selected from "papercuts". Inquiries welcome.

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selections from "papercuts"

Hand-cut paper and mixed media artwork celebrating the wildlife drawn to the water's edge. In this viewing room you'll find short videos about highlighted pieces and get to see the work exhibited in the Tri-County Arts Council gallery. 

view the Water's Edge papercuts


selections from "papercuts"

Especially for the crow-and bat-lovers, this series also includes a mechanical paper automaton and a stop-motion video. View all the work as seen in the gallery and details of each piece for a closer look. 

view the Night Studio papercuts


selections from "papercuts"

See all the art, from feathers, flowers and flights of fancy. Enjoy imaginative and intricately hand-cut paper artworks in this viewing room. You'll get to watch how I created Napping Bumblebee from start to finish in super-quick timelapse.

view the Fanciful papercuts