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The Night Studio is a special place for crow-lovers and bat aficionados with a bit of mystery and fun thrown in. A multi-media experience, visiting the Night Studio will give you a little different way to look at cut paper art. Scroll down to view a couple of highlights, then the entire collection.


Please inquire for availability. Scroll down to see the entire collection. Additional views and details in shop.


Bat in the Belfry

An automaton created in cut paper! I spent many, many late evenings in the night studio working on this sculpture of a long-eared bat flying over it's cut paper belfry. Turning the crank makes him flap his wings. Peek behind the paper "wrought iron railing to see a sparkly paper bell hanging from the workings.

This piece was the star of "Night Studio" a little spooky video short, shown below.

38 bat in belfry.gif .gif


Counting Crows series

Counting Crows was a poem often recited by my mother as we drove down the country roads of NW Iowa, where I grew up. Here I've illustrated the verse, plus made a stop motion video with the paper parts. The video is running in the gallery alongside the artwork.

The 11 x 11 x 2.5" shadowboxes each have the entire verse handwritten around the mat.

The entire Night Studio collection