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Sometimes I see the world with a bit of whimsy. I just can't help myself! I first used the word "fanciful" to title an imaginary feather I made. Then, I discovered the term which means "having a curiously intricate quality" works for a whole series of my works in the "papercuts" show. Fanciful birds, fanciful flowers, fanciful feathers...and more.


Please inquire for availability. Scroll down to view a couple of highlights, then the entire collection. More views and details of the work are in the shop.


Song of Nine Birds

This was the last piece I cut for the gallery show, papercuts. Admittedly, it was kind of an afterthought. I wanted to have a demonstration piece of papercutting in its most basic form. Just a knife and a single sheet of paper. I love how it turned out. (See video below for how it was done.)

This 23 x 14.5" unframed piece is not for sale at this time. My hope is to continue working on it when it returns to my studio. I will offer it for sale, but I think it has more verses in its song for me to sing before letting it go.

31 Song of Nine Birds.jpg


Napping Bumblebee

Sometimes my work is like a visual nature journal. I have an experience in the garden or on a hike that I want to record through my art. This little napping bumblebee was one of those moments. I watched the fat bee crawl around the clematis flower, even taking a little snooze under a soft blanket-like petal.


It was a wonderful moment I had to record in a Monday Movie (see below).

The completed piece is 14 x 11 x 1". Please inquire for availability. 

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